How to write a Joining Application

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How to write a Joining Application

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:24 pm

Here's the common questions that you should add to your application, or should be in it:

# To join you shall not be either in another guild, not applying for another guild.
# You should be an Antican player, and this char should be your main.
# You should not use the guild's name to protect yourself or to powerabuse.
# You should not have any (cheating) criminal records.
# You have to speak and understand basic english.
# To become a member you must agree our rules.

What assets you need to follow to require your membership:

# You have to be loyal and obey any orders.
# You shall not leave the guild without informing the leadership.
# No racism etc. at the guild chat, at public chat that can make troubles.
# You are not allowed to ignore any member in the guild.
# Respect all your guildmates and the community, even if they have a lower rank and level then you.
# You dont have right to attack someone without a permission from your leaders.

Joining application.
If you want to join the guild, you will have to answer the following requirements:

# Your characters name.
# Your vocation.
# Your level.
# Your characters story.
# Why you'd like to join the guild.
# Your former guilds.
# How many hours a week do you play tibia?
# Where do you live?
# How old are you in realife?
# How many years have you played tibia (total)
# Are you sharing you account with anyone?
# Your old guild(s) and reson for leaving
# Do you have any long-term goals that you are striving to achieve?
# What do you hope to gain by joining Dark Eye?


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